A Research Project of the Classical Composer & Musicologist Peter Hübner


Peter Hübner
Cosmic Symphonies & Hymns

Great Philharmonic Orchestra, Great String Orchestra
Male Choirs, Female Choirs, Soloists
Traditional Indian Vedic Pandits

Please bear in mind

The medical effect
does not depend on
that you like the music

Please bear in mind

The medical effect
does also not depend on
that, from a supposed
specialist’s point of view,
you consider the music
to be of high quality

Please bear in mind

The medical effect
depends alone on the fact,
that the music is structured
in scientific methodology
according to the
cosmic laws of harmony

“Only the scientific
research results count,
which objectively verify
the medical effect
by measurements”

Peter Hübner

The objective scientific
investigations have shown, that
the specialized music knowledge so far
is not applicable to medical music

“The medical effects
are caused by the cosmic laws of harmony,
which conduct and control the musical work
in its structural development”

Peter Hübner

The so-called expert
is accustomed to assess music
from listening to it

But since the harmony laws
are not audible
this assessment falls into the water

This music does not serve
the purpose of being recognized
by alleged music experts
– its medical value
can only be assessed
through scientific measurements

Only the medical effects
can be evaluated,
namely through objective
medical measurements

Thus, the Medical Resonance Therapy Music®
does not belong to the conventional field
of understanding the quality of music,
but to the field
of scientific medicine, which itself
is guided by objective measurements

Regarding the evaluation of
medical music and/or
assessing the inaudible
harmony laws via the sense of hearing,
it should be borne in mind,
what two and a half millennia ago
Lao-Tse left behind
for exactly such a case:

“Who talks, does not know.
Who knows, does not talk.”