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Classical Music & Veda
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A Research Project of the Classical Composer & Musicologist Peter Hübner

Classical Music and Veda

The task of this project and of the related music recordings is to internationally popularize the meaning of Classical Music and of the Cosmic Harmony Laws – which rule within it and through it – as well as popularizing the meaning of the Veda and its Cosmic Creative Power. That the music of Peter Hübner, structured according to the Harmony Laws of the Microcosm of Music, expands consciousness and leads to the experience of the unified field, could be widely proven by objective science in 19 medical indications in the last 25 years and made the scientific application of the Harmony Laws of the Microcosm of Music through the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® a new recognized branch of scientific medicine and pharmacology.

And on the basis of his recent musicological findings Peter Hübner assumes that the integration of TRADITIONAL VEDA and AUTHENTIC CLASSICAL MUSIC will push open new doors also in other sciences and will lead to​ completely new significant research approaches.

It is also expected that the combination of this Classical Music, scientifically structured according to the Harmony Laws of the Microcosm of Music, and the traditional Vedic Chants will result in an optimum also in the fields of medicine and education.

World Health Organization Already the scientific application of the Harmony Laws by the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® has been proven to be the best Anti-STRESS Remedy in the world – 4 to 8 times as effective as any known chemical product, and this without any harmful side effects –, as was noted at the international conference of the World Health Organization (WHO) “Society, Stress and Health” and it is thus de facto the best drug in the world, because by far the most diseases are related to STRESS.

And now, under the critical eye of the exact sciences, the tradition of VEDA is still added to it.
“The Laws of Harmony,” says Peter Hübner, “control the Laws of Nature” – thus also their towering influence in the scientific medical research can be explained and/or understood.

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The objective scientific studies would then also bear witness to the Cosmic Creative Force of the VEDA and let it become a recognized branch of the natural sciences – as this has happened to astronomy through the scientific research of the world famous astronomer Johannes Kepler, and as this is now also the case with the scientific application of the Harmony Laws of the Microcosm of Music in Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, which today – in scientific conformity and association with the research results of chronomedicine – represents a new branch of scientific medicine.

Classical Music and Veda

In 19 indications, the effects of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® have been extensively objectively verified and recognized as a scientific methodology to convert the aspect of disease with the help of the Harmony Laws into the aspect of health. This was made possible by the natural and universal effect of the Cosmic Laws of Harmony.

These are the same Laws of Harmony, which according to Pythagoras determine the course of the stars – what the famous astronomer Johannes Kepler was able to verify by objective science and thus raised astronomy to a science; and they are the same Harmony Laws that control the neurophysiological functions of living beings – what chronomedicine (the well-known Professor Dr. Gunther Hildebrandt) was able to prove.

When this natural function of the Laws of Harmony in the body decreases, the person becomes ill – the same is true for the animal and the plant. And if the Laws of Harmony are strengthened in the organism, then humans, animals and plants become healthier.

Our lives and the very existence of the cosmos without the practical application of the Laws of Harmony, as we find them in the microcosm of music, is impossible and inconceivable.

The Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, with its scientific application of the Harmony Laws of the Microcosm of Music, does not only aim at strengthening health, but in particular also at a basic activation of the Cosmic Laws of Harmony in consciousness, thought and feeling – a creative cognitive process, which, for the benefit of all, is essential for the growth of harmony in the human world and the world influenced by man.